Massage therapy

Why massage therapy?

Stress, particularly when caused by mental health problems, can not only affect people emotionally but can also impact physical wellbeing through the muscle strain and poor circulation Swedish Massage and Therapy specifically is a popular choice for stress relief, as it is designed to soothe muscles and improve circulation to help you feel more relaxed.

Similarly to Swedish Massage is Acupressure Therapy, a traditional Chinese massage that applies pressure to ‘Qi Meridians’ (pressure points) throughout your body to relieve muscle tension and release endorphins.

Shena Jina has vast experience providing various massage therapy – whether you’re looking for a one-off session or a regular therapy, enquire today to book either a visit to the practice or a home visit.

Pricing For Swedish Massage and Acupressure Therapy

  •  Per session (50 minutes) – £100

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